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World-renowned manufacturer of down jackets

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     As a professional garment manufacturer with 20 years of experience, our company can be said to be "picky" in manufacturing process control. We manage production according to standard procedures, adopt more stringent quality requirements and inspection standards, which greatly exceed the requirements of national standards, and provide customized services for many international famous brands.

     We not only have our own hot selling products, but also provide OEM services for many designer brands. From the beginning, we will help designers to find suitable fabrics in China and even overseas to develop new popular products (we will also recommend customers to use environmentally friendly and renewable raw materials to produce products, and Make our own efforts for the common development of mankind). At the same time, we also provide digital printing, transfer printing, hot drilling, washing process and other special processes to provide customers with more differentiated products. Our technologists will also give more consideration to customers, save production costs and ensure perfect product quality, so as to make our products more in line with the wishes of consumers and get the recognition of customers.


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