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Nanjing Six Fu International Trading Limited provides all kinds of work clothes, professional wear, advertising shirt customization, products include T-shirts, polo shirts, sweaters, suits, jackets, cotton clothes, etc., to provide customers with meticulous service is our aim.

Custom Process

Quickly customize according to your needs

01  Choose the fabric

02  Choose a color

03  Style making

T-shirts, polo, taped clothes, suits, sweaters, puffer coat

04  Logo customization

Printing, embroidery, rhinestone, ect...

Finished production

We will make the garment as confirmed details with our customer.
Use good quality for fabric and workman-ship.

Customization process

Custom Order Process - Buyers Provide Detailed Pictures and Fabric Requirements for Personalized Down Jackets at Nanjing Six Fu
Buyer to provide pictures and fabric requirements (hand-painted or picture and size requirements, the more detailed the better)
Custom Design Confirmation and Sampling Process - 7 to 10 Days Turnaround Time at Nanjing Six Fu
Both sides to determine the details, start proofing, time 7-10 days.
Quotation Process Based on Sample Evaluation at Nanjing Six Fu - Tailored Pricing for Custom Down Jackets
We make a quotation according to the samples.
Final Price Confirmation - Buyers Verify Fabric and Sample Details with Nanjing Six Fu
The buyer confirms the details of fabrics and samples, and finally confirms the price.
Contract Signing and Mass Production Timeline - 20 to 60 Days at Nanjing Six Fu
Sign the contract, arrange the mass production, the time is 20-60 days.
After Inspection, Delivery Arrangement - Nanjing Six Fu Ensures Quality Before Shipping
After the inspection, arrange the delivery.
Quality Assurance - Nanjing Six Fu Responds to Feedback Within 24 Hours to Resolve Any Issues with Down Jackets
If there is any quality problem, we will respond within 24 hours after receiving feedback and cooperate with customers to solve the problem.

How can 6 Fu's customization satisfies all your illusions?

 Fabric determines quality
The fabric has down proof, water proof and breathability properties, of which down proof is particularly important. The performance of down proof depends on the yarn count density of the fabric used.
 Satisfactory cleanliness
Have satisfactory cleanliness. When the down jacket is tapped, there is no floating dust in the air, and no peculiar smell escapes from the down layer.
 Comfortable to the touch
Good softness. It has a soft hand, no stalked hair, no graininess, roughness, etc.
 Good workmanship
Skipping yarns, defects and lint leakage are not visible from the fabric, and it has the characteristics of good water resistance, lint insulation, ventilation, softness, smoothness and crispness.
 Beautiful and considerate material
High bulkiness. Tighten the product with your hands, and then loosen it, it can recover quickly and has good elasticity.
 Accept small orders
We accept a minimum quantity of 100 pieces perstyle.
 Fast delivery
Make delivery: Generally takes about 7 days, simple model can be produced in 3-5days.Depending on the process and modification content.
Bulk delivery: Generally takes about 20-30 days. If need make fabric specially,it will take about 45-60 days. Depending on the customers’ requirement.

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