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All procedures are set up at the inspection station for three-dimensional monitoring of production. Products that do not meet the strict control standards are tracked, recorded, verified, and subjected to improvement measures before being sent back to the production line for retesting. This rigorous process ensures the high quality of our hoodies and other men's and women's clothing.

Quality Control Process


Preliminary design phase

Confirm the details of the pattern process and the matching of auxiliary materials for the size surface.

Confirmation of proto sample

Confirm all colors, process details, M-size pattern, and color matching of surface accessories.

Pre production sample sealing

Supplier needs to provide full size sample clothing and clothing process single side accessory sample cards and side accessory test reports for each style.

Mid term inspection

Our QC will check the each size measurement and technology in the production.

Final inspection

Our QC will check all size measurement and workmanship before packing.

After completing the inspection

Ship the goods to the customer.

Four major techs to prevent from running down

1. Separate quilting;
2. Branded machine and tools for production;
3. High density quality shell;
4. Adding interlining if needed.

Six Fu promises let you customize worry-free

1. Small order: minimum order of 100 pieces;
2. Fast delivery: 7 days for proofing, 15 days for shipment;
3. High quality: 99.9% pass rate;
4. Quick quote: 5 minutes quick quote;
5. Quick return order: 7 days replenishment.

Quality Assurance And After-sales Service

 We do not accept the return of products for change-of-mind or inaccurate order details provided.
As your product has been designed and manufactured specifically for you, we are unable to remake or refund items due to change-of-mind or inaccurate order details provided.

For this reason, we strongly urge you to carefully check all details before placing your order.

 What happens if there is a problem with my product?
We want you to love your product so if it’s defective or not what you ordered, simply contact our team within 30 days of delivery and we’ll organize a replacement.

 If the issue with the product is a minor one, we may choose to offer you a free repair of the product. 
The consumer guarantees do not apply where after-sale the product is damaged through misuse or abnormal use.

Quality Certification


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