All procedures are set up inspection station, three-dimensional monitoring of production.Do not meet the strict control, track record, verification and puts forward some measures for improvement, back to the production line production and retest

Four major technologies to prevent running velvet

1. Separate velvet filling to prevent running position
2. Bile-free and velvet
3. Highly matching needle line of defense
4. Quality big velvet

Six promises let you customize worry-free

1. Small order: minimum order of 100 pieces
2. Multi-process: The same style can be made in multiple processes
3. Fast production: 7 days for proofing, 15 days for shipment
4. High quality: 99.9% pass rate
5. Quick quote: 5 minutes quick quote
6. Quick return order: 7 days replenishment
Production Process Case Show
Production Process Case Show
Production Process Case Show


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