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  • What are the advantages of the digital print coat
    Digital print coats are on-demand, reducing chemical waste and wastewater discharge. Inkjet low noise, both quiet and clean, no environmental pollution, to achieve green production process. The digital print coats’ process simplifies the tedious process, cancellations the traditional printing complex network and color paste process, receiving orders, proofing costs are greatly reduced, delivery speed can achieve timely supply. Read More
  • What are the differences between down coats and cotton coats
    The difference between a down coat and a cotton-padded coat, down coat and cotton-padded coat which is good? Down coats and cotton-padded coats are becoming more and more popular in the winter clothing market. However, many consumers are hard to distinguish them. So, the following will tell you the differences. Read More
  • What are the functions of the down coat
    A down coat will provide excellent warmth without making you or your backpack heavier. Choosing a down coat depends on how warm you want it to be and what functions you want it to have. As a result, the following will tell you some functions and parts of down coats. Read More
  • What are the types of digital print coat
    Nowadays, many people don't understand digital printing at all and think that they can just take the fabric and print it directly on the printer, but is it really that simple? Here is a good introduction to you, what is digital printing fabric? What are the characteristics of the digital print coat? Read More
  • Impact of India's Epidemic Outbreak on China
    Our company's manufacture has increased orders since last year, including large orders for down and cotton clothing, etc. In the face of this situation, our company actively organizes suppliers to ensure the supply of raw materials and fully guarantee the on-time delivery of orders. Read More
  • World-renowned manufacturer of down jackets
    As a professional garment manufacturer with 20 years of experience, our company can be said to be "picky" in manufacturing process control. We manage production according to standard procedures, adopt more stringent quality requirements and inspection standards, which greatly exceed the requirements of national standards, and provide customized services for many international famous brands: Read More

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