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What are the types of digital print coat

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Nowadays, many people don't understand digital printing at all and think that they can just take the fabric and print it directly on the printer, but is it really that simple? Here is a good introduction to you, what is digital printing fabric? What are the characteristics of the digital print coat? Let’s look at the following.

  • What is a digital printing coat?

  • What are the characteristics of the digital print coat?

What is a digital printing coat?

Different kinds of fabrics have different types. At present, digital direct jet printing is divided into four types: dispersive digital printing, active digital printing, acid digital printing, and pigment ink digital printing. And different types of digital printing equipment, suitable for different coats.

What are the characteristics of the digital print coat?

① Dispersive digital printing coat:

Dispersive digital printing technology can be generally used in polyester fiber and other chemical fiber printing; Then according to the dye is a kind of non-ionic dye with very low water solubility, dyeing with the help of dispersant to small particles in water as the main highly developed decentralized learning state management exists.

② Active digital printing coat:

Reactive digital printing is generally used for printing silk and cotton fabrics; At present, it is mainly used in cotton, general linen, silk, and other woven and knitted fabrics or fabrics with higher components.

③ Acid digital printing coat:

Acid digital printing is generally used in silk, nylon, and other fabrics printing; Most acid dyes contain sodium sulfonate, soluble in water, bright color, complete chromatography. It is mainly used for dyeing wool, silk, and nylon, etc. It can also be used for Chinese leather, paper, ink technology, etc.

④ Pigment ink digital printing coat:

Pigment ink digital printing is useless, and mostly foreign products.

Digital printing coats are ink-jet on-demand, reducing chemical waste and wastewater discharge. Inkjet low noise, both quiet and clean, no environmental pollution, to achieve green production process. The digital printing coats’ process simplifies the tedious process, cancellations the traditional printing complex network and color paste process, receiving orders, proofing costs are greatly reduced, delivery speed can achieve timely supply. Due to the advantages of fast response speed and high printing quality, digital printing shorts the production cycle of printed coats expands the performance effect of clothing fabrics, makes the digital print coats’ styles more diversified and personalized, and then meets the design needs of small-batch, high precision, green and fashionable clothing fabrics.

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