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What are the functions of the down coat

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A down coat will provide excellent warmth without making you or your backpack heavier. Choosing a down coat depends on how warm you want it to be and what functions you want it to have. As a result, the following will tell you some functions and parts of down coats.

  • What are the functions of the down coat?

What are the functions of the down coat?

Compared to some other types of coats, down coats can be quite small in terms of functionality. However, it is important to choose a down coat that has the features you need and omit any non-essential features that will help to reduce weight.

① With or without a hood?

Whether you need a hood depends on personal preference and whether you use the down coat as a middle or outer layer. If the coat is to be used as a middle layer, a hood may not be needed, as it can cause "hood overload" if an extra layer is to be worn on top of it, and they all have hoods.

② Pocket?

While pockets may not be essential on down coats, most have two side pockets, while some offer an extra breast pocket. Consider what you will use the down coat for (for example, will it be used as a coat or middle) and choose the coat with pockets accordingly. Keep in mind that unnecessary pockets add unnecessary weight.

③ Down jacket can be box wall type or thread type structure. The horizontal box-wall structure is the warmer of the two, as it makes more efficient use of the down coat’s looseness and warmth retention, thus reducing cold spots. These horizontal septs are designed to anchor down around the body and maximize jacket performance. Jackets that are used in this method are typically heavier and not as small as most coats using smaller stitching structures, due to more material being used.

④ When the down coat gets wet, it loses most of its insulation, but that's where hydrophobic down comes in a relatively new concept designed to address the main drawback of "conventional" down, which is the lack of effective wetting when in use. Hydrophobic down is treated with a durable waterproof agent that makes it dry faster and waterproof for longer, meaning it performs better in wet conditions. This makes down coats with hydrophobic down more versatile.

These are the core features we think should be considered. Other features you may want to consider include wind protection, zipper protection, and the effectiveness of collars, cuffs, and adjustable hem.

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