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What are the differences between down coats and cotton coats

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The difference between a down coat and a cotton-padded coat, down coat and cotton-padded coat which is good? Down coats and cotton-padded coats are becoming more and more popular in the winter clothing market. However, many consumers are hard to distinguish them. So, the following will tell you the differences.

  • What are the differences between down coats and cotton coats?

What are the differences between down coats and cotton coats?

1. The filling of different down coats filling is more duck down, goose down. According to the color is different and divided into white duck down, gray duck down, black duck down, and so on. And, the more mature the poultry with the larger body shape, the better the warmth of its velvet, the more expensive the price. The filling of the cotton coat is a mixture of cotton, and some eiderdown, mostly cotton. Although cotton can effectively block the conduction of cold air, the warm effect is less well than the down coat.

2. Price is different general down coat because of its fine workmanship, filling expensive, expensive price. In comparison, the cotton coat is more cotton-filled, price compared with a down coat, relatively low. Often buy a general down coat price, can buy a good cotton coat. Therefore, many buy a cotton coat for the United States eyebrow, more is out of consideration of the price, often choose cotton coat rather than down coat.

3. In recent years, the design of the down coat is more and more fashionable and light. In cold winter, a thin T-shirt inside and a down coat outside can be 0K, while a cotton coat is mostly medium-length style, generally speaking, the style is relatively fixed and single. Cotton clothing due to the filling of cotton, polyester fiber, and other materials, the general style is slightly bloated. Down coats are light, soft, and warm.

There's an awkward problem with all down coats, though: "shedding," where down can leak out of the seams or even the surface of the fabric. But good eiderdown products, with careful care, can last for decades. After years of use, the filling layer of the synthetic cotton coat will become less fluffy, which will lead to a decrease in warmth retention. However, the technology of synthetic cotton continues to improve, using ten years, purely from the performance of the point of view, can also be updated.

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