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What are the advantages of the digital print coat

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Digital print coats are on-demand, reducing chemical waste and wastewater discharge. Inkjet low noise, both quiet and clean, no environmental pollution, to achieve green production process. The digital print coats’ process simplifies the tedious process, cancellations the traditional printing complex network and color paste process, receiving orders, proofing costs are greatly reduced, delivery speed can achieve timely supply.

  • What are the advantages of the digital print coat?

What are the advantages of the digital print coat?

1. The material of digital print coats' fabric pattern is more extensive.

By means of scanning or computer production, digital printing takes all materials in the form of digital patterns and presents novel visual images through changes and combinations of computer-related design software.

2. The color of the digital print coats pattern is more. Digital printing breaks through the limitations of traditional printing color sets, and can flexibly create color combinations, quickly change colors, and easily complete the performance of color gradient, and realistic colors. Digital print coats' patterns are not affected by the number of colors and screen registration errors.

3. The composition of clothing custom pattern push out.

Compared with the traditional printing fabric pattern, which follows the repeated combination of unit shape, digital printing breaks through the restriction of the circular arrangement of unit pattern order. The size of repeated units can also be determined freely, and the concept of fabric width can be ignored within a certain range. This freedom of design enables designers to give full play to their innovative ability, to be more creative in pattern composition and performance, and to bring new creative entry points for designers in the application of digital print coat.

4. The expression of the design concept of clothing fabric pattern is more powerful

The high precision of digital print coats can realize the design and creation of pictorial images and fine details, which provides convenience for designers to carry out conceptual design and artistic creation, and enrich the function and significance of decorative patterns in clothing. Designers draw inspiration from comics and give new meaning to the digital print coats.

5. The decorative effect of the digital print coat pattern is rich and diverse. Digital printing can realize the performance of a variety of complex pattern effects, breaking through the limitations of the traditional printing process. Through the change of pattern design and creation method, the visual field of pattern effect of clothing fabric is expanded, and the special pattern effect with changes is produced.

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