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Impact of India's Epidemic Outbreak on China

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India's new crown epidemic out of control became the biggest hot spot of the weekend fermentation. As the world's second most populous country, India has absolute influence in several industrial fields, for China mainly in the textile industry.

1. Cotton

India is the world's largest cotton producer, accounting for about 24% of global production in 2019/20. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture issued a counsellor's report, the 2021/22 Indian cotton planting area may decline by 2%. Indian cotton is currently in the sowing season and has gradually started to be sown in northern India, with full sowing to begin at the end of April under normal circumstances.

However, it seems that the new Indian crown epidemic led to labor shortage and cotton farmers planting willingness to reduce, or affect the cotton sowing process, resulting in a further decline in cotton sown area.

2. Textile and apparel

India is the world's largest producer of cotton, the world's largest producer of jute, the world's second largest silk producer, yarn production capacity accounted for 22% of the world. The textile industry accounts for about 15% of India's total export earnings. Since the second half of last year, India's new crown epidemic gradually heated up, a number of large export-oriented textile enterprises due to the epidemic can not guarantee normal delivery, European and American retailers to ensure that the supply is not impacted, a number of orders that would have been produced in India transferred to China production.

Our company's manufacture has increased orders since last year, including large orders for down and cotton clothing, etc. In the face of this situation, our company actively organizes suppliers to ensure the supply of raw materials and fully guarantee the on-time delivery of orders.


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