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How to wash a down coat?

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To help prolong the life of a down coat, regular cleaning is important. The unique properties of down mean that care should be taken when washing and professional cleaners should be used. So, it is important to know how to wash a down coat. The following will tell you how to correctly wash it.


  • What are the correct steps to wash the down coat?


What are the correct steps to wash the down coat?

① Use a brush to remove any loose dirt: Brush off any loose dirt or grime before cleaning your down coat. Close any zippers or Velcro and close all flaps. If possible, turn the down coat inside out.


② Clean any residue in the detergent compartment: Make sure the detergent compartment of your washing machine is free of any detergent or softener (for the above reasons). You may want to hot wash your washing machine without anything to remove any residue from the detergent or softener.


③ Set the machine to cold wash or fine wool cycle: Set the washing machine to cold wash on fine or wool cycle (or equivalent mild setting). Do not wash your down coat in a top-loading washing machine as the central mixer may damage your jacket.


④ Pour the appropriate detergent into the machine: Pour just the right amount of detergent into the detergent container. It is best to clean down coats with a detergent designed specifically for down coats or technical coats. Household cleaners and softeners can damage down jackets) down and feathers and remove the fabric's waterproof coating (if applicable). Set the machine to rinse several times with the slowest/longest rotation cycle to ensure there is no residual detergent in the down.


⑤ Dry the down coat at low heat in a tumble dryer using a dryer or tennis ball: Down coats should not be air-dried. Not only does it take a long time to air dry, but there is a greater risk that the feathers will cluster together and the coat will start to smell (if it takes a while to dry). Down coats should be dried at low temperatures. Do not attempt to set the dryer to high temperature, as you risk melting the seams and housing fabric. Remember to always check clothing labels for exact care details.


Adding drying balls to the dryer prevents feathers from clumping together. To prevent fluff clumps from forming, take the coat out of the dryer from time to time (lay the jacket flat instead of one end) and fluff. Make sure the coat is dry.


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