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History of the company

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As a professional garment manufacturer with 20 years of experience, our company can be said to be "picky" in manufacturing process control. We manage production according to standard procedures, adopt more stringent quality requirements and inspection standards, which greatly exceed the requirements of national standards, and provide customized services for many international famous brands:

2014--RUNDHOLZ (STUDIO RUNDHOLZ GMBH)--Women's wear -- Germany designer brand

2015--GIVENCHY (EUROPEAN FASHIONS CORP.)--Menswear -- A world famous brand

2016--MAXJENNY(maxjenny!)---Women's wear -- Danmark designer brand

2016--SUBDUED --Lady's wear -- Italian designer brand

2017--SUNSTRIPES--Men's and Women's wear -- Italian designer brand

2018--KILT HERITAGE (KH34 New-co srl )--Men's and Women's wear -- Italian designer brand

2019--SHOCKLY(SIGARI S.R.L)--Men's and Women's wear -- Italian designer brand

2020--KEDS(WOLVERINE WORLDWIDE)--Men's and Women's wear - A century old fashion brand in the United States


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