Welcome to Our OEM/ODM Customization Service

In our OEM/ODM customization service, we are dedicated to providing you with high-quality, personalized apparel wholesale solutions. Whether you are a brand founder, a fashion designer, or a large-scale retailer, our professional team can meet your specific needs, helping you bring your clothing design dreams to life.
Personalized Customization
We understand the uniqueness of each brand. From design to production, we offer comprehensive personalized services to ensure that every product precisely reflects your brand identity.
High-Quality Standards
Quality is our core commitment. We use premium materials and implement strict quality control throughout the production process to ensure that the final products meet or even exceed your expectations.​​​​​​​
Flexible Production Capacity
Whether it's a small batch or large-scale production, our manufacturing facilities can adapt flexibly. We understand the rapid changes in the market and can swiftly adjust to meet your demands.​​​​​​​
Competitive Pricing
We offer competitive pricing that not only ensures product quality but also guarantees your profit margin.

Customization Process

Our customization process is designed to provide a smooth and transparent experience. From consulting with customer service to confirming receipt of goods, we work closely with you at every step to ensure that every detail meets your expectations. Please refer to our Customization Process for more details.
Start Your Customization Journey
  • Wholesale Custom Consultation
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    Embark on your customization journey by engaging with our highly skilled customer service team, who are experts in the field of apparel customization. Our team is not just a point of contact, they are seasoned consultants who deeply understand the nuances of the fashion industry and the specific needs of different market segments.
    At the outset of your consultation, our team will take the time to learn about your brand, your vision, and your specific requirements. This isn't just about taking orders; it's about forging a partnership where we align our services with your goals to create products that truly resonate with your target audience.
  • From Concept to Creation
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    If You Have a Sample: Provide us with your existing sample, and our team will meticulously analyze and discuss how we can replicate or enhance it according to your customization needs. We pay close attention to the details of your sample, ensuring that every aspect is considered in the final product.

    If You Have a Design Draft: Share your design drafts with us, and our designers will use them as a blueprint to develop a detailed plan for your custom apparel. We can offer suggestions on materials, styles, and production techniques that best suit your design.

    If You Have Ideas or Elements: Even if you're starting with just a few ideas or specific elements, our designers are adept at translating these into tangible designs. We can create samples based on your inspiration, combining your ideas with our expertise to produce a unique and appealing product.
  • Crafting Your Vision with Precision
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    Rich Fabric Selection: Our range of fabrics is extensive and versatile, suitable for a variety of apparel including Outdoor Wear, Puffer Jackets, Blazers, Sherpa Jackets, and Hoodies. We source high-quality materials to ensure comfort, durability, and aesthetic appeal.

    Expert Tailoring Techniques: Our skilled artisans excel in precision tailoring, ensuring each garment is cut and constructed to perfection. Whether it’s the sleek lines of a blazer or the cozy fit of a sherpa jacket, our craftsmanship is evident in every stitch.

    Customization Options: To add a unique touch to your apparel, we offer customization options like printing and embroidery. These elements allow for personalization and brand distinction, making each piece not just a garment but a statement.
  • Quality Assurance
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    Rigorous Product Inspections: We conduct detailed inspections at various stages of production. Our quality control team meticulously examines each product, focusing on every aspect, from the precision of the stitching to the integrity of the construction.

    Style and Design Standards: We understand that style and design are critical components of apparel. Our inspections ensure that the final product perfectly aligns with the design specifications. We pay close attention to the accuracy of the style, the fit, and the overall aesthetic to guarantee that it matches your vision.

    Fabric Quality: The quality of the fabric is paramount. We source only the finest materials, and our inspections include thorough checks for texture, durability, and colorfastness. We ensure that the fabric not only looks and feels premium but also performs exceptionally in various conditions.

    In addition to our internal inspections, we collaborate with reputable third-party professional organizations such as SGS and CTi to conduct independent testing and verification. This ensures that our products consistently meet and exceed the highest industry standards.

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