Nanjing Six Fu International Trading Limited provides all kinds of work clothes, professional wear, advertising shirt customization, products include T-shirts, polo shirts, sweaters, suits, jackets, cotton clothes, etc., to provide customers with meticulous service is our aim.
Custom Process
Quickly customize according to your needs
01  Choose the fabric
02  Choose a color
03  Style making
T-shirts, polo, taped clothes, suits, sweaters, cotton-padded clothes
04  Logo customization
Few fabrics add more value to the end user than personal protective fabrics. We develops and manufactures technical protective fabrics used for personal protective equipment (PPE).

Through a thorough understanding of the end-user, we ensure the best possible protection for professionals who are exposed to a variety of risks during their operations in either industrial, civil, medical or military markets.
Personal Protection
Our fabrics for personal protection keep wearers safe from injury throughout a wide scope of end uses. Because employees in different sectors are exposed to different hazards, fabrics are tailor-made to fulfill sector-specific demands . When developing fabrics we do not just take into account legislation and certification but also comfort, functionality and durability after industrial laundering.

For a selected number of products with a high demand, It has set up a Never Out of Stock program that secures high levels of availability. You can find the products from our NOS program through the fabric selector.


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